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2463. Comparative clauses of quality or manner are introduced by ὡς as, ὥσπερ, καθάπερ just as, ὅπως, , ὅπῃ, ᾗπερ as. The principal clause may contain a demonstrative adverb (οὕτως, ὧδε so). ὥσπερ may be correlated with αὐτός.

ὡς, etc., are here properly conjunctive relative adverbs of manner, some uses of which fall under conditional relative clauses.

a. Other comparative conjunctive adverbs are ὥστε as (poetic and Ionic), ἠΰτε, εὖτε as, like as (Epic). Demonstrative adverbs in Epic are ὥς, τώς, τοίως, αὔτως, ὡσαύτως.

b. On other uses of ὡς, etc., see under Particles (2990 ff.). On ὡς, ὥσπερ with a participle, see 2086, 2087.

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