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3000. ὡς conjunctive is found in dependent clauses.

Declarative: that, like ὅτι. Cp. 2577 ff., 2614 ff.

Final: that, in order that; like ἵνα, but not used in standard Attic prose. Cp. 2193.

Object clauses after verbs of effort: that, like ὅπως; cp. 2209. Rarely after verbs of fearing: that. Cp. 2235.

Causal: as, inasmuch as, since, seeing that, like ὅτι, ἐπεί, etc. Cp. 2240.

Consecutive: so that, like ὥστε. Usually with the infinitive, sometimes with the indicative. Cp. 2260.

Temporal: after, like ἐπεί; sometimes when, whenever. Cp. 2383.

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