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340. Correlative Pronouns.—Many pronominal adjectives correspond to each other in form and meaning. In the following list poetic or rare forms are placed in ().

Interrogative:RelativeIndefinite Relative
Direct orIndefiniteDemonstrative(Specific) oror Indirect
τίς who?τὶς, ὅς) ὅδε thisὅς who, whichὅστις whoever,
which? what?some one, any(here), hicquiany one who
qui?one, aliquis,οὗτος this, thatquisquis,
quidamis, illequicunque
ἐκεῖνος ille
πότεροςπότερος orἕτερος the one orὁπότεροςὁπότερος
which of two?ποτερός one ofthe other of twowhicheverwhichever
uter?two (rare)alterof the twoof the two
πόσος howποσός of someτόσος) ( soὅσος asὁπόσος
much? howquantity orτοσόσδε ( much,much as,of whatever
many? quan-numberτοσοῦτος ( soas many assize, number
tus? quot?( manyquantus, quotquantuscumque,
tantus, totquotquot
ποῖοςποιός of someτοῖος) ) suchοἷος of whichὁποῖος
of what sort?sortτοιόσδε ) talissort,of whatever sort
qualis?τοιοῦτος )such) asqualiscumque
πηλίκοςπηλίκος( so old,ἡλίκος ofὁπηλίκος
how old?of some( sowhich age,of whatever age
how large?age, sizeτηλίκος) ( young,size, (as old,or size
τηλικόσδε ( solarge) as
τηλικοῦτος ( large,
( so
( great

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