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TRE´MITHUS (Τρεμιθοῦς, Steph. B. sub voce Τρεμηθοῦς, Ptol. 5.14.6; Τρίμυθος, Constant. de Them. 1.15, p. 39, ed. Bonn; Τρευιθούντων, Hierocl. p. 707: Eth.Τοευιθούσιος, Eth. Τοευιθοπολίτης), a town in the interior of Cyprus, was the seat of a bishopric and a place of some importance in the Byzantine times. According to the Peutinger Table it was 18 miles from Salamis, 24 from Citium, and 24 from Tamassus. Stephanus B. calls it a village of Cyprus, and derives its name from the turpentine trees (τερέβινθοι) which grew in its neighbourhood. (Engel, Kypros, vol. i. p. 148.)

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