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TYLISSUS a town of Crete (Plin. Nat. 4.20), the position of which can only be conjectured. On its ancient coins are found on the reverse a young man holding in his right hand the head of an ibex or wild goat, and in his left a bow. These types on the coins of Tylissus led the most distinguished numismatist of the last century (Eckhel, vol. ii. p. 321) to fix its situation somewhere between Cydonia and Elyrus, the bow being common on the coins of the one, and the ibex's head on those of the other, of these two cities. Höck (Kreta, vol. i. p. 433) and Torres Y. Ribera (Periplus Cretae, p. 324) adopt this suggestion of Eckhel, and place Tylissus on the S. coast at the W. extremity of the island near the modern Sélino-Kastéli. (Pashley, Travels, vol. i. p. 162.)


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