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or ADDAEUS (Ἀδαῖος or Ἀδδαῖος), a Greek epigrammatic poet, a native most probably of Macedonia. The epithet Μακεδόνος is appended to his name before the third epigram in the Vat. MS. (Anth. Gr. 6.228); and the subjects of the second, eighth, ninth, and tenth epigrams agree with this account of his origin. He lived in the time of Alexander the Great, to whose death he alludes. (Anth. Gr. 7.240.) The fifth epigram (Anth. Gr. 7.305) is inscribed Ἀδδαίου Μιτυληναίου, and there was a Mitylenaean of this name, who wrote two prose wroks Περὶ Ἀγαλματοποιῶν and Περὶ Διαφέσεως. (Athen. 13.606a, xi. p. 471, F.) The time when he lived cannot be fixed with certainty. Reiske, though on insufficient grounds, believes these two to be the same person. (Anth. Graec. 6.228, 258, 7.51, 238, 240, 305, 10.20; Brunck, Anal. ii. p. 224; Jacobs, xiii. p. 831.)


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