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Alexander Lycopoli'tes

Ἀλέξανδρος Λυκοπολίτης), was so called from Lycopolis, in Egypt, whether as born there, or because he was bishop there, is uncertain. At first a pagan, he was next instructed in Manicheeism by persons acquainted with Manes himself.

He was bishop of Lycopolis, (Phot. Epitome de Manich. ap. Montfaucon. Bibl. Coislin. p. 354.) and probably immediately preceded Meletius. (Le Quien, Oriens Xnus. vol. ii. p. 597.)


Converted to the faith, he wrote a confutation of the heresy (Tractatus de Placitis Manichaeorum) in Greek.


This was first published by Combefis, with a Latin version, in the Auctorium Novissimam Bibl. ss. Patr. Ps. ii. pag. 3, &c. It is published also by Gallandi, Bibl. Patr. vol. iv. p. 73.


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