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Alexa'nder Philale'thes

Ἀλέξανδρος Φιλαλήθης), an ancient Greek physician, who is called by Octavius Horatianus (iv. p. 102d. ed. Argent. 1532), Alexander Amator Veri, and who is probably the same person who is quoted by Caelius Aurelianus (De Morb. Acut. 2.1, p. 74) under the name of Alexander Laodicensis. He lived probably towards the end of the first century before Christ, as Strabo speaks of him (xii. p. 580) as a contemporary; he was a pupil of Asclepiades (Octav. Horat. l.c.), succeeded Zeuxis as head of a celebrated Herophilean school of medicine, established in Phrygia between Laodicea and Carura (Strab. l.c.), and was tutor to Aristoxenus and Demosthenes Philalethes. (Galen. De Differ. Puls. 4.4, 10, vol. viii. pp. 727, 746.) He is several times mentioned by Galen and also by Soranus (De Arte Obstetr. c. 93, p. 210), and appears to have written some medical works, which are no longer extant.


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