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Anti'gonus of CARYSTUS

*)Anti/gonos), of CARYSTUS, is supposed by some to have lived in the reign of Ptolemaeus Philadelphus, and by others in that of Euergetes. Respecting his life nothing is known.


ἱστοριῶν παραδόξων συναγωγὴ (

We possess by him a work called ἱστοριῶν παραδόξων συναγωγὴ (Historiae Mirabiles), which consists for the most part of extracts from the " Auscultationes" attributed to Aristotle, and from similar works of Callimachus, Timaeus, and others which are now lost. It is only the circumstance that he has thus preserved extracts from other and better works, that gives any value to this compilation of strange stories, which is evidently made without skill or judgment.


It was first edited, together with Antoninus Liberalis, by Xylander, Basel, 1568, 8vo. The best editions are those of Meursius, Lugd. Bat. 1619, 4to., and of J. Beckmann, Leipzig, 1791, 4to.


Antigonus also wrote an epic poem entitled Ἀντίπατρος, of which two lines are preserved in Athenaeus. (iii. p. 82.)


The Anthologia Graeca (9.406) contains an epigram of Antigonus.


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