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1 بَخَعَ الذَّبِيحَةَ ذ , (Z, in the Fáïk,) or الشَّاةَ, (Z, in the A,) or بِالشَّاةِ, (O, K,) [aor. بَخَعَ , inf. n. بَخْعٌ,] He slaughtered the beast for slaughter, or the sheep or goat, with much, or extraordinary, effectiveness, or energy, (Z, K,) so that he reached the back of the neck, (Z, in the A,) or so that he reached the بِخَاع, (K, TA, [in the CK نُخَاع,]) cutting the bone of the neck. (TA.) This is the primary signification; and hence the verb is used to denote the doing anything to a great extent, in a great degree, egregiously, or with much or extraordinary effectiveness or energy or the like. (Z, K.) ― -b2- [Hence you say,] بَخَعَ نَفْسَهُ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. بَخَعَ , (Msb, K,) inf. n. بَخْعٌ (S, Msb) and بُخُوعٌ, (TA,) (tropical:) He killed himself with grief, (S, Msb, K, TA,) or with wrath, or rage. (Msb, TA.) ― -b3- And بَالَغُوا فِى بَخْعِ أَنْفُسِهِمْ (tropical:) They exceeded the ordinary bounds in subduing and abasing themselves by obedience. (TA.) ― -b4- And بَخَعْتُ لَكَ نَفْسِى وَ نُصْحِى, aor. بَخَعَ , inf. n. بُخُوعٌ, (tropical:) I exerted for thee myself and my good advice, or counsel, laboriously, earnestly, or with energy: (TA:) and بَخَعَ لَهُ نُصْحَهُ, (K, TA,) inf. n. بَخْعٌ, (TA,) (tropical:) He acted sincerely towards him, and took extraordinary pains, in giving him good advice, or counsel. (K, TA.) ― -b5- And بَخَعَ لَهُ, بِالحَقِّ, (S, * K, * TA,) inf. n. بُخُوعٌ; and بَخِعَ, inf. n. بُخُوعٌ and بَخَاعَةٌ; (tropical:) He confessed, or acknowledged, to him the right, or due, and humbled himself to him: (S, K, TA:) or you say, بَخَعَنِى بِالحَقِّ, inf. n. بُخُوعٌ, meaning (assumed tropical:) he submitted himself to me, and gave the right, or due, freely: (Msb:) and بَخَعْتُ لَهُ (assumed tropical:) I became submissive and obedient, and made confession, or acknowledgment, to him: or, accord. to the A, بَخَعَ signifies (tropical:) he made confession, or acknowledgment, with the utmost submissiveness. (TA.) ― -b6- And بَخَعَ فُلَانًا خَبَرَهُ (tropical:) He related his information, or news, truly to such a one. (K.) ― -b7- Also, بَخَعَ الرَّكِيَّةَ, aor. بَخَعَ , inf. n. بَخْعٌ, (assumed tropical:) He dug the well until its water appeared. (Ks, K.) ― -b8- And hence the saying of 'Áïsheh, speaking of 'Omar, بَخَعَ الأَرْضَ فَقَآءَتْ أُكْلَهَا, meaning (assumed tropical:) He subdued and abased the people of the earth, [so that it disclosed] and he drew forth the treasures that it contained, and the possessions of the kings. (TA.) And بَخَعَ الأَرْضَ بِالزِّرَاعَةِ, (K,) inf. n. بَخْعٌ, (TA,) (tropical:) He exhausted the strength of the land by sowing, tilling it continuously, and not giving it rest for a year. (K, TA.) البِخَاعُ البخاع A certain vein, or nerve, (عِرْق,) in the صُلْب [or back-bone], (Z in the Fáïk and Ksh, and K,) lying within the قَفَا [or back of the neck]; (Z in the Ksh, and TA;) Bd says, lying within the فَقَار [or vertebræ]; but it is said that this is a mistranscription, and that the right reading is the قفا, as in the Ksh; and it is said in the K to be running into the bone [or, as in the CK, bones,] of the neck; but this is a mistake: (TA:) accord. to an assertion of Z, (K,) in his Fáïk and Ksh, (TA,) it is different from the نُخَاع, with ن, which is the white cord in the interior of the bone of the neck, extending to the back-bone: but IA th says, I have searched long in lexicons, and in books of medicine and anatomy, but have not found البخاع, with ب, mentioned in any of them. (TA.) فَلَعَلَّكَ بَاخِعٌ نَفْسَكَ فلعلك باخع نفسك , in the Kur [xviii. 5], (S,) means (tropical:) And may-be thou wilt hill thyself (S, K) with grief, (S,) being beyond measure eager for their becoming Muslims. (K, TA.) These words imply an incitement to abstain from regret. (B.) أَبْخَعُ ذ [More, and most, effectual to kill, and destroy]. (K voce أَخْنَعُ, q. v.) ― -b2- هُمْ أَبْخَعُ طَاعَةً (tropical:) They are more sincere and more energetic in obedience than others; as though they exceeded the ordinary bounds in subduing and abasing themselves by obedience. (TA, from a trad.)

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