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2 فَوَّمْتُ الخُبْزَ ذ I made bread, or the bread. (IJ, M.) [And] فَوِّمُوا لَنَا Make ye bread for us: (T, S:) a phrase said by Fr to have been heard from the Arabs as meaning thus. (T.) فُومٌ ذ , a word occurring in the Kur ii. 58, (T, S, M, &c.,) is expl. as signifying the same as ثُومٌ [which generally means Garlic; but is said to have also the meaning here next following]; (T, S, M, Msb, K;) said to be a dial. var. of the latter word, but app. [if meaning “ garlic ”] formed, as IJ says, by the substitution of ف for ث; (M;) and 'Abd-Allah [Ibn-Mes'ood] read [in the Kur ubi suprà] وَثُومِهَا [instead of وَفُومِهَا]: (Fr, T, S:) it is also expl. as signifying wheat; (T, S, M, Msb, K;) which is said by Lh to be a meaning of ثُوم and فُوم; and if Ibn-Mes'ood read the word as ثوم, the meaning is فوم, i. e. “ wheat; ” (T;) accord. to Fr, it is an old word, signifying thus, (T, S, *) and also bread; (T, S, K;) Zj says that there is no difference of state- ment among the lexicologists as to its having the former of these two meanings, that it is said to have the latter also, and that it also signifies the other grains, beside wheat, whereof bread is made [which last meaning is also mentioned in the K]; (T;) and IJ holds that it is rightly expl. as having the first of these three meanings (i. e. “ wheat ”) and the last of them: (M:) another meaning assigned to it is حِمَّصٌ [i. e. cicer arietinum; or chick-peas]; (S, K;) which is of the dial. of Syria: (S:) and it signifies also any عُقْدَة [app. meaning head of a plant, such as that] of an onion, or of a garlic: or a great gobbet of food: (K: [for أَوْ لُقْمَةٍ عَظِيمَةٍ in the CK, I read او لُقْمَةٌ عَظِيمَةٌ as in other copies of the K:]) in the dial. of Azd-es-Saráh, it is applied to ears of corn; and ↓ فُومَةٌ is its n. un.; (M;) this latter signifying an ear of corn, (S, K, TA,) as expl. by IDrd: (TA:) فُومٌ has فُومَانٌ [of the measure فُعْلَنَانٌ] for a pl., this being [virtually] a pl. pl.; mentioned by IJ, who says that the dammeh in فُومٌ is different from the dammeh in فُومَانٌ. (M, TA.) فُومَةٌ ذ : see the next preceding paragraph, near the end. ― -b2- Also A thing that one carries between his two fingers. (K.) قَطَعُوا الشَّاةَ فُوَمًا فُوَمًا ذ (M, K, *) means [They cut the sheep, or goat,] into a number of pieces; (M;) like فُؤَمًا. (K.) فَامِىٌّ ذ , altered from فُومِىٌّ, A seller of فُوم [app. 3]. in any of its senses, but accord. to the TA as meaning wheat, or chick-peas]: (S, K:) [or] a seller of fruit: (MA:) accord. to Az, (TA,) الفَامِىُّ means السُّكَّرِىُّ, (Mgh, TA,) who is called by the vulgar البَيَّاعُ [generally signifying the seller, or vender; perhaps here meaning the seller of sugar, though I do not anywhere find السُّكَّرِىُّ thus explained]; (Mgh;) but he says, “ I do not think it genuine Arabic. ” (TA.)

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