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1 فَزَّ ذ , (A, O, K,) aor. فَزِ3َ , inf. n. فَزٌّ, (TA,) He (a gazelle) was, or became, frightened, or afraid. (A, O, K.) ― -b2- فَزَّ قَلْبُهُ His heart heaved by reason of fear. (O.) ― -b3- فَزَّ عَنْهُ He (a man, O) turned away from him. (A, O, K.) And He separated himself from him, and became alone. (A, O, K.) -A2- فَزَّ, aor. فَزِ3َ , inf. n. فَزَازَةٌ and فُزُوزَةٌ, He (a man, O) became excited with ardour, or eagerness. (O, K.) -A3- فَزَّ فُلَانًا عَنْ مَوْضِعِهِ, (A, O, * K,) inf. n. فَزٌّ, (O,) He disturbed, removed, or unsettled, such a one from his place: (A, O, * K:) or he frightened, and disturbed, or removed, or unsettled, such a one from his place, and made his courage (lit. his heart) to fly away: (IDrd, TA:) and [in like manner] ↓ أَفَزَّهُ he frightened him; (K;) or, as in some copies of the K, he disturbed or disquieted him; (TA;) or he frightened him, and disturbed or disquieted or unsettled him, and made his courage (lit. his heart) to fly away. (S, O. *) [See also 10.] -A4- فَزَّ, aor. فَزِ3َ , inf. n. فَزِيزٌ (S, O, K, TA) and فَزٌّ, (TA,) said of a wound, It became moist, and flowed, (S, O, K, TA,) discharging its contents; and so فَصَّ: and in like manner it is said of water [app. as meaning it oozed forth]: (TA:) and of sweat, meaning It exuded; and so فَصَّ. (TA in art. فص.) 2 فزّزهُ ذ He (a man) rendered him powerful, or strong, and made him to overcome. (Ibn-'Abbád, O.) 4 أَفْزَ3َ see 1, latter half. 8 افتزّ ذ He (a man, O) overcame; (K;) or was, or became, powerful, or strong, and overcame: (O:) and ابتزّ and ابتذّ signify the same: so in the Nawádir. (O, TA.) 10 استفزّهُ ذ It (fear, S, A, O) excited him to lightness and unsteadiness; unsettled him. (S, A, O, K.) وَا@سْتَفْزِزْ مَنِ ا@سْتَطَعتَ مِنْهُمْ بِصَوْتِكَ, in the Kur [xvii. 66], is expl. by Fr as meaning And excite thou to lightness and unsteadiness, or unsettle thou, when thou canst, with thy voice. (O, TA.) And in like manner, وَإِِنْ كَادُوا لَيَسْتَفِزُّونَكَ مِنَ الأَرْضِ, in the same [xvii. 78], is expl. by him (O, TA) as meaning, And verily they were near to unsettling thee from the land: (TA:) but some say the meaning is, they were near to frightening thee so as to excite thee to promptness of flight from the land. (O, TA.) And استفزّهُ عَنْ رَأْيِهِ He incited him, or excited him, to ignorance, foolishness, or wrong conduct, and levity, or unsteadiness, so as to make him swerve from his right sentiment, opinion, or judgment; like اِسْتَخَفَّهُ عن رأيه. (Az and TA in art. خف.) ― -b2- He incited him, or excited him, to be promptly obedient and submissive to him and to that which he desired of him; like استخفّهُ. (Ksh in xliii. 54.) ― -b3- He expelled him (Jel in xvii. 105, and K) from the land, (Jel,) or from his abode, and disturbed, or disquieted, or unsettled, him, (K,) so as to excite him to lightness and unsteadiness. (TA.) [See also 1, latter half.] ― -b4- He, or it, deceived him, or beguiled him, so as to cast him into destruction. (TA.) ― -b5- He slew him: so the verb is expl. by some in the Kur xvii. 78, quoted above. (TA.) فَزٌّ ذ A light, or an active, man. (S, A, O, K.) ― -b2- And The offspring of the cow; (S;) [meaning,] of the wild cow: (O, K:) because of its restlessness: (TA:) pl. أَفْزَازٌ. (S, O, K.) فَزَّةٌ ذ A leap with disquietude [or fright]. (TA.) قَعَدَ مُسْتَفَزًّا ذ [so in a copy of the S, but without the vowel-signs: in two other copies of the same, مُسْتَوْفِزًا, which belongs to art. وفز:] He sat in an uneasy posture. (S.) ― -b2- فَرَسٌ مُسْتَفِزٌّ لِلْوَثْبِ وَالعَدْوِ [so in two copies of the S, in art. طمر; in the O, in that art., مُسْتَفِزُّ الوَثْبِ وَالعَدْوِ; probably a mistake for مُسْتَفَزّ; app. meaning, A horse in a state of excitement to leap and run.]

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