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1 هضَمَهُ ذ and اِهْتَضَمَهُ : see تَخَوَّفَهُ. ― -b2- هَضَمَ لَهُ مِنْ مَالِهِ: see خَضَمَ. 5 تَهَضَّمَ see 7. 7 اِنْهَضَمَ ذ It (a thing) melted, or dissolved, after being congealed. (JK.) ― -b2- اِنْهَضَمَتِ الثَّمَرَةُ, and ↓ تَهَضَّمَت , The fruit broke; or became broken, or crushed; syn. تَشَدَّخَتْ; (TA;) and became mellow, so as to be easy of digestion. See also بَوْعٌ ― -b3- اِنْهَضَمَ, said of food, (MA), It was, or became, digestible, or easy of digestion. (MA, KL.) ― -b4- اِنْهضَامٌ of the زَوْر [app. Depression]. (K in art. جنف. [There coupled with دُخُولٌ.]) See also صَقَلٌ. 8 إِِهْتَضَمَ see 1. ― -b2- اِهْتَضَمَ الشَّجَزَ مِنْ أَعَلاَهُ (K voce شَعَبَ) He cropped the tops of the shrubs: see شَعَبَ. هَضَمٌ ذ Contraction of the sides, (S, K,) and lankness of the belly, and smallness of the flank: (K:) in a horse it is a fault. (S.) هَضُومٌ ذ : see هَاضُومٌ. هَاضُومٌ ذ Any medicine [or other thing (see حَاطُومٌ)] that is a digestive of food; as also ↓ هَضُومٌ ; (K;) i. q. جَوَارِشٌ. (S.)

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