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1 جَهُمَ جهم , aor. جَهُمَ , inf. n. جُهُومَةٌ (S, K) and جَهَامَةٌ, (K,) He (a man) became frowning, or contracted, in face; or grinning in face, with a frowning, or contraction, or a stern, an austere, or a morose, look: (S:) or he was, or became, coarse, or rough, and contracted, and ugly, in face. (K.) ― -b2- Also, said of the pubes, It was coarse, rough, or big. (TA.) -A2- جَهَمَهُ, (S, K,) and جَهِمَهُ, aor. جَهَمَ , in both instances; (K;) and ↓ تجهّمهُ , (S, K,) and لَهُتجهّم ; (JK, K;) He grinned, frowning, or looking sternly, austerely, or morosely, in his face: (S:) or he met him, or regarded him, with a displeasing, (JK, K, TA,) frowning, or grinning and frowning, (TA,) face: (JK, K, TA:) or ↓ تجهّم signifies he showed a sour, a crabbed, or an austere, face. (TK in art. عبس.) A poet says, “ ↓ الجَهُومَاوَبَلْدَةٍ تَجَهَّمُ
زَجَرْتُ فِيهَا عَيْهَلًا رَسُومَا
” (S, * TA,) i. e. [Many a region] that exhibits to the impotent that which he dislikes, [or that frowns upon the weak, or impotent, I have chidden therein a strong she-camel that leaves the marks of her footsteps upon the ground.] (S.) You say also, الكِرَامَالدَّهْرُ يَتَجَهَّمُ (tropical:) [Fortune frowns upon the generous]. (TA.) And أَمَلِىتَجَهَّمَنِى (tropical:) [My object of hope frowned upon me] is said when one has not attained his object of hope. (TA.) 4 أَجْهَمَتِ السَّمَآءُ ذ The sky had clouds such as are termed جَهَام. (K.) 5 تَجَهَّمَ see 1, in six places. 8 اجتهم أج أجتهم اجتهم He entered upon, (K,) or journeyed in, (A, TA,) the portion of the night termed جُهْمَة. (A, K, TA.) جَهْمٌ جهم A coarse, or rough, and contracted, and ugly, face; as also ↓ جَهِمٌ ; (K;) or, as in some of the lexicons, ↓ جَهِيمٌ . (TA.) And جَهْمُ الوَجْهِ Frowning, or contracted, in face; or grinning in face, with a frowning, or contraction, or a stern, an austere, or a morose, look: (S, Mgh:) or coarse, or rough, in face: (JK, TA:) applied to a man: (JK, S, Mgh, TA:) and to a lion. (JK, TA.) And [hence,] الجَهْمُ The lion. (K.) -A2- See also جَهُومٌ. جَهِمٌ جهم : see جَهْمٌ. جَهْمَةٌ جهم جهمه جهمة : see جُهْمَةٌ, in two places. -A2- Also A big cooking-pot. (K.) جُهْمَةٌ جهم جهمه جهمة and ↓ جَهْمَةٌ , (JK, S, K,) both mentioned by Fr, (S,) A portion of the night: (JK:) the first of the last portions of the night, (JK, S, K, TA,) extending [app. from midnight] to near the period a little before daybreak: (TA:) or the remaining portion of the darkness of the last part of the night: (K:) or the former signifies, [or each,] the beginning of the night, extending to a fourth part: or, as some say, the middle of the night: (KL:) pl. of the former جُهَمٌ. (JK.) You say, مَضَى مِنَ اللَّيْلِ جُهْمَةٌ and ↓ جَهْمَةٌ [app. meaning A portion, or a portion at the commencement of the latter part, of the night passed]. (A'Obeyd, TA.) -A2- Also the former, Eighty camels: or the like. (K.) جَهَامٌ جهام Clouds in which is no water: (JK, S, K:) or that have poured forth their water (K, TA) with the wind. (TA.) جُهُومٌ جهوم , applied to a man, (JK, S,) Impotent; (JK, S, K;) weak; as also ↓ جَهْمٌ . (K.) See an ex. in the first paragraph. جَهِيمٌ جهيم : see جَهْمٌ.

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