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1 جَابَ جاب جابي , aor. يَجِيبُ: see 1 in art. جوب, in two places. 2 جيّب جيب , inf. n. تَجْيِيبٌ: see 1 in art. جوب. جَيْبٌ جيب The طَوْق [or opening at the neck and bosom] (K) of a shirt (S, K) and the like; (K;) as, for instance, of a coat of mail: (TA:) or the opening of a shirt at the uppermost part of the breast: (Msb, MF:) or the opening in a garment for the head to be put through: or such an opening as a sleeve and a طَوْق: (MF:) pl. [of mult.] جُيُوبٌ, (Msb, K,) also pronounced جِيُوبٌ, (TA,) [like بِيُوتٌ for بُيُوتٌ,] and [of pauc.] أَجْيَابٌ: (Msb:) this is said to be its proper art., (K, TA,) not جوب, because its pl. is جُيُوبٌ. (TA.) [The Arabs often carry things within the bosom of the shirt &c.; and hence the word is now applied by them to A pocket.] ― -b2- (assumed tropical:) The heart; the bosom. (K.) So in the saying, هُوَ نَاصِحُ الجَيْبِ (assumed tropical:) [He is pure, or sincere, of heart or bosom]: (K:) or trusty, trustworthy, or faithful. (S. [See also art. نصح.]) A poet says, “ وَخَشَّنْتَ صَدْرًا جَيْبُهُ لَكَ نَاصِحُ
” (assumed tropical:) [And thou hast exasperated a bosom the heart of which was faithful to thee]. (TA.) You say also, هُوَ دَنِسُ الجَيْبِ (assumed tropical:) [He is a person of foul heart]. (A in art. دنس.) And رَدَعَ جَيْبَهُ عَنْهُ (assumed tropical:) He cleared his heart, or bosom, of it. (K in art. ردع q. v.) ― -b3- جَيْبُ الأَرْضِ (assumed tropical:) The place of entrance of the land, or country: (K:) pl. جُيُوبٌ. (TA.) جِيبَةٌ جيب جيبه جيبة : see art. جوب. يَاقُوتٌ مُجَيَّبٌ ياقوت مجيب Hollowed [sapphires]: occurring in a trad. describing the banks of the river of Paradise: but accord. to one reading, it is لُؤْلُؤٌ مُجَوَّبٌ; accord. to another, مُجَيَّبٌ or مَجَوَّفٌ; and accord. to another, مُجَيَّبٌ or مُجَوَّبٌ. (TA.)

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