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1 كَفَلَ بَالمَالِ ذ He was, or became, responsible, answerable, accountable, amenable, surety, or guarantee, for the property (Msb) owed by another person: (IbrD:) [it may be rendered he guaranteed the property. See مَكْفُولٌ]. ― -b2- كَفَلَ بَالنَّفْسِ He was, or became, responsible, answerable, amenable, or surety, for another person, (Msb,) i. e., for the latter's appearance, or presence, to answer a suit. (IbrD.) كَفَلٌ ذ The عَجُز [or hinder part, posteriors, buttocks, or rump]: (Msb, K:) or the رِدْف [or hindermost part] thereof: or the [part called] قَطَن. (K.) كَفِيلٌ ذ One who is responsible, answerable, amenable, or a sponsor or surety. (S, K, &c.) كَفَالَةٌ ذ Responsibility; answerableness; amenability; or suretiship; (S, Mgh, Msb, K;) the conjoining of one responsibility (ذِمَّة) to another, [i. e., the conjoining one's own responsibility to that of another person,] with respect to the right of suit, [so that one person becomes liable to be sued for that which another owes]; (Mgh;) i. q. ضَمَانٌ. (S, &c.) مِكْفَالٌ ذ A woman large in the كَفَل [or hinder part, or posteriors]. (TA in art. ثقل.) مَكْفُولٌ ذ app. signifies Guaranteed, or pledged: for, accord. to IKtt, as is said in the Msb, you say كَفَلْتُ المَالَ as well as كَفَلْتُ بِالمَالِ; meaning I took upon myself the property; became responsible, or answerable, for it; [or I guaranteed it:] or مَكْفُولٌ is better rendered ensured by an acknowledgment of responsibility for it: see an ex. voce مَرْهُونٌ.

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