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1 كَفَى ذ He, or it, sufficed, or contented: hence كَفَانِى فُلَانٌ الأَمْرَ Such a one sufficed me, or contented me, in respect of the affair; i. e., by taking upon himself to perform it or accomplish it if good, or to prevent it or avert it if evil: and كَفَانِى شَهِيدًا He sufficed me as, or for, a witness; or he suffices me as, or for, such: and sometimes بِ is redundantly prefixed to its agent, and sometimes to its objective complement; as in exs. cited in art. ب. See Ham, p. 152. كَفَى [It sufficed, or satisfied, or contented,] it stood instead of another thing, or other things; (Msb;) [as also كَفَى عَنْ غَيْرِهِ.] ― -b2- كَفَى بِنَا for كَفَانَا &c. See W, pp. 5 and 6 ― -b3- كَفَى, aor. يَكْفِى, inf. n. كِفَايَةٌ, also signifies دَفَعَ and مَنَعَ followed by مِنْ. (Har, p. 43, q. v.) [You say, كَفَاهُ الشَّرَّ He repelled from him evil; and hence, he defended him therefrom; and he freed him therefrom: said of God, and of a man, &c.] 8 اِكْتَفَى بِالشَّىْءِ ذ He was, or became, sufficed by the thing, so as to need nothing more; or content with it. (Msb.) كِفَايَةٌ ذ A sufficiency; enough; a thing that suffices, or contents, and enables one to obtain what one seeks. (TA, art. بلغ.) ― -b2- قَامَ بِكِفَايَتِهِ He undertook his maintenance; he maintained him; syn. مَانَهُ. (S, K, art. مون.) أَكْفَى ذ [More, and most, satisfying]. (Mgh, in art. جزأ.)

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