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3 كَالَمَهُ ذ i. q. نَاطَقَهُ. (TA in art. نطق.) 5 تَكَلَّمَ غَنْهُ ذ He spoke for him; syn. عَبَّرَ. (S, Msb, art. عبر.) 6 تَكَالَمَا ذ They spoke, talked, or discoursed, each with the other. (S, * M.) كَلِمَةٌ ذ A word: (Kull, 301:) an expression: (K:) a proposition: a sentence: [a saying:] an argument. (Kull.) An assertion: an expression of opinion. كَلَامٌ ذ is a gen. n., applying to little and to much, or to few or many; (S, TA;) to what is a sing. and to what is a pl. (TA.) It may therefore be rendered A saying, &c.; and sayings, or words: see an ex. voce أَفْكَلُ, in art. فكل. ― -b2- كَلَامٌ Speech; something spoken; [diction; language;] parlance; talk; discourse: (Msb, &c.:) a saying: a say: something said: in grammar, a sentence. الكَلِمُ الطَّيِّبُ: see طَيِّتٌ. ― -b3- كَلَامٌ: also, a quasi-inf. n. for تكليم, sometimes governing as a verb, [like the inf. n.,] accord. to some of the grammarians; as in the following ex.: “ قالوا كلامك هنداً وهى مصغية
يشفيك قلت صحيح ذاك لو كانا
” (Sharh Shudhoor edh-Dhahab.) See إِِسْمُ مَصْدَرٍ. ― -b4- عِلْمُ الكَلَامِ [The theology of the Muslims;] a science in which one investigates the being and attributes of God, and the conditions of possible things with respect to creation and restitution, according to the rule of El-Islám; which last restriction is for the exclusion of the theology of the philosophers. (KT.) رَجُلٌ كِلِّيمٌ ذ , like سِكِّيتّ [and حِدِّيثٌ] i. q. مِنْطِيقٌ. (Ibn-'Abbád, Z, TA.) كُلْيَةٌ ذ of a bow: see أَبْهَرُ ― -b2- of a مَزَادَة: see خُرْبَةٌ. مُتَكَلِّمٌ ذ A Muslim theologian. See عِلْمُ الكَلَامِ.

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