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1 كَرِهَهُ ذ [He disliked, was displeased with, disapproved of, hated, him or it.] الكَرَاهَةُ is the contr. of الإِِرَادَةُ and الرِّضَى. (Marg. note in TA.) ― -b2- كَرِهَهُ (Mgh, Msb), inf. n. كَرَاهَةٌ and كَرَاهِيَةٌ, (Mgh,) or كُرْهٌ and كَرْهٌ, (Msb,) He did not desire it; he disapproved it, or was displeased or discontented with it; (Mgh;) he disliked it; disapproved it; hated it; contr. of حَبَّهُ. (Msb.) ― -b3- كَرِهَ and ↓ تَكَرَّهَ : see سَخِطَ. 2 كَرَّهْتُ إِِلَيْهِ الشَّىْءَ ذ , inf. n. تَكْرِيهُ, I made the thing to be an object of dislike, disapprobation, or hatred, to him. (S, K. *) 4 أَكْرَهْتُهُ عَلَى كَدَا ذ I made him to do such a thing against his will. (S.) 5 تَكَرَّهَهُ ذ He showed, or expressed, dislike, disapprobation, or hatred, of it; see تَاَجَّمَهُ and تَسَخَّطَهُ: and عَليْهِتَكَارَهَ signifies the same; see قَنَحَ. ― -b2- تَكَرَّهَ He expressed dislike, displeasure, disapprobation, discontent, or hatred. (IbrD.) See examples in the K, voce أَخّْ, and voce أَفّْ, &c. The above is the prevailing signification, and often occurs. ― -b3- تَكَرَّهَهُ i. q. كَرِهَهُ, q. v. (K, * TA.) See also تَأَجَّمَهُ. 6 تَكَاْرَهَ see 5. كَرِيهٌ ذ Disliked, disapproved of, blamed, or hated; hateful, blameable, displeasing, or odious; as also ↓ مَكْرُوهٌ . الكَراَهِيَةُ للشَّىْءِ ذ signifies البُغْضُ لَهُ and عَدَمَ مُلَاءَمَتِهِ. (MF in art. ابى.) كَارِهٌ ذ Unwilling: see an ex. voce أَسَآءَ. مَكْرَهٌ ذ A thing that one dislikes, disapproves, or hates, or that one dislikes to do: opposed to مَنْشَطٌ: (TA in art. نشط:) [a thing, or an event, that is an object of dislike or hatred]. مَكْرُوهٌ ذ Foul, abominable, or evil; i. q. سَيِّئٌ; (Beyd, xvii. 40;) and شَرٌّ: (TA:) [held in aversion]. See كَرِيهٌ. ― -b2- مَكَارِهُ, a pl. of مَكْرُوهٌ. ― -b3- مَكَارِهُ الدَّهْرِ The afflictions, or calamities, of fortune; syn. نَوَازِلُهُ and شَدَائِدُهُ. (TA.) See also مَكْرَهٌ. مُسْتَكْرَهٌ ذ : see an ex. voce عَرَضٌ.

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