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1 كَابَ ذ , aor. يَكُوبُ; and ↓ اكتاب ; He drank with a كُوب, the kind of mug or cup so called. (IAar, K.) 2 كوّب ذ , inf. n. يَكْوِيبٌ, He pounded, or brayed, a thing with a فِهْر [or كُوبَة, q. v.] (K.) 8 إِِكْتَوَبَ see 1. كُوبٌ ذ A mug, or drinking-cup, (كُوزٌ,) without a handle: (Fr, S, K:) or one (with a round top, TA,) that has no spout: (K:) or a vessel, (Bd in lvi. 18,) or drinking-cup, (Jel. ibid.) having neither handle nor spout: (Bd, Jel. ibid.:) pl. أَكْوَابٌ. (S, K.) كَوَبٌ ذ Slenderness of the neck with bigness of the head. (L, K.) كَوْبَةٌ ذ A sighing, or grief, or regret, for something that has past, or escaped one. (K.) Probably formed from the mahmooz word [كَأْبَةٌ]. (TA.) [Perhaps an inf. n.] كُوبَةٌ ذ , occurring in a trad., in which it is forbidden, (TA,) The game called نَرْد; (K;) an appellation given to that game by the people of El-Yemen: (A 'Obeyd, on the authority of Mohammad Ibn-Ketheer; and IAth) or that called شِطْرَنْج: (K:) or a small drum, slender in the middle: (S, K:) accord. to some, (TA,) the musical instrument called بَرْبَط; (K;) as occurring in a trad. of 'Alee, in which a command is given to break the thing thus called. (TA.) ― -b2- Also, i. q. فِهْرٌ; (K;) i. e., A small stone, such as fills the hand. (TA.)

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