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1 نَجَا ذ Alvum dejecit; (Msb, TA;) ventumve per anum emisit: (TA:) he voided his ordure; or broke wind. ― -b2- نَجَا, inf. n. نَجَآءٌ, He was quick, or swift, and outstripped. (S.) See an ex. of the inf. n., voce غولٌ. ― -b3- نَجَا He became safe, or secure; he escaped. (Msb, &c.) 2 نَجَّوَ see 4. 4 أَنْجَاهُ ذ and ↓ نَجَّاهُ He saved, him; rescued him; preserved him. (K.) 10 اِسْتَنْجَى ذ He washed, or wiped with a stone or a piece of dry clay, the place [of exit] of his excrement. (Msb.) -A2- اِسْتَنْجَوْا: see 8 in art. سعر. نَجْوٌ ذ and نَجَآءٌ A shower of rain. ― -b2- See شُوْبُوبٌ and 1. ― -b3- نجاء A well of which the water is distant [from the mouth]. (O, TA, voce قَرَبٌ.) نَجْوَةٌ ذ An elevated piece of land. (Msb.) نَجِىٌّ ذ : see نَجْوَى. ― -b2- عُرْيَانُ النَّجِىِّ: see art. عرى. نَجْوَى ذ Secret discourse between two persons or parties. (TA.) ― -b2- A secret between two persons or parties; as also ↓ نَجِىٌّ . (K, TA.) ― -b3- A person, or persons, discoursing secretly, or telling secrets one with another. (TA.) مَنْجَاةٌ ذ [A cause, or means, of safety: of the measure مَفْعَلَةٌ, originally مَنْجَوَةٌ; similar to مَفْلَحَةٌ, &c.]. (S.) نَجَيْتُ ذ a dial. var. of نَجَوْتُ: see دَوْكَةٌ.

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