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*Filh/sios), an Achaean, was an officer in the army of Cyrus the Younger, and, after the treacherous capture of Clearchus and the other generals by Tissaphernes, was chosen in the place of Menon. When the Cyrean Greeks, tired of waiting for the return of Cheirisophus, determined to remove from Trapezus, Philesius and Sophaenetus, the eldest of the generals, were the two appointed to proceed on ship-board with the older men, the women and children, and the sick. At Cotyora, Philesius was one of those who attacked Xenophon for having, as was presumed, endeavoured secretly to bring over the soldiers to his project of founding a Greek colony on the Euxine, without making any public announcement of it. At the same place, in a court held to take cognizance of the conduct of the generals, Philesius was fined 20 minae (somewhat more than 80l.) for a deficiency in the cargoes of the ships in which the army had come from Trapezus, and of which he was one of the commissioners. At Byzantium, when Xenophon had calmed the tumult among the Cyreans consequent on their discovery of the treachery of Anaxibius, Philesius was one of the deputation which was sent to the litter with a conciliatory message. (Xen. Anab. 3.1.47, 5.3.1, 6.27, 8.1, 7.1. §§ 32, 34.)


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