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1 قَذَفَ بِا@لْحِجارَةِ وَغَيْرِهَا ذ , aor. قَذِفَ , inf. n. قَذْفٌ, He threw stones, &c. (Msb.) ― -b2- قَذَفَ بِهِ He cast it; cast it forth; namely, an arrow, and a pebble, and speech, and anything. (Lth, TA.) It may sometimes be rendered He shed it; as, for instance, light into the heart, said of God. ― -b3- يَقْذِفُ بِالحَقِّ (Kur, xxxiv. 47,) He (God) uttereth truth. (Zj, TA.) ― -b4- قَذَفَ بِالسَّهْمِ He shot the arrow. (Lth, TA.) ― -b5- قَذَفَ He reproached, upbraided, reviled, vilified, defamed, or gave a bad name to, a chaste woman: (MA:) he reproached, upbraided, &c. another; syn. شَتَمَ. (JK.) Used tropically, قَذَفَهُ is most correctly rendered (tropical:) He cast at him an accusation: but it is commonly used and expl. as syn. with شَتَمَهَ q. v. ― -b6- قَذَفَ He charged, reproached, or upbraided, (رَمَى,) a chaste, or an honest, or a married, woman, with adultery. (S, Msb, K.) ― -b7- قَذَفَهَ بِهِ He aspersed him, reviled him; syn. شَتَمَهُ. (JK.) ― -b8- قَذَفَهَ بِهِ He reproached, or upbraided, him with it; he accused him of it. (TA.) ― -b9- Also, i. q. أَصَابَهُ بِهِ. (TA.) ― -b10- وَيَقْذِفُونَ بِالغَيْبِ (Kur, xxxiv. 52,) They uttering conjectures, (Zj, TA,) or uttering conjecture; (Bd;) speaking of that which was hidden [from them], (Ksh,) of that which had not become apparent to them. (Bd.) ― -b11- قُذِفَتْ بِاللَّحْمِ (assumed tropical:) She (a camel) became fat and plump. (TA, voce اُسْتُعْرِضَت.) ― -b12- قَذَفَتْهُ القَوَاذِفُ: see طَوَّحَتْهُ الطَّوَائِحُ. قُذُفٌ ذ Land in which is no pasturage wherein cattle may freely range. (L, art. صح.) قَذَّافٌ ذ i. q. مَنْجَنِيقٌ: (Lth, K:) The kind of instrument with which a thing is thrown so that it goes far; n. un. with ة. (Aboo-Kheyreh, K.) See مَرْجَامٌ and مِرْجَمَةٌ. ― -b2- قُذَّافَهٌ A sling: pl. قُذَّافَاتٌ. (MA.) قَوَاذِفُ ذ : see طَوَائِحُ; and طَوَّحَتْهُ الطَّوَائِحُ. مَقَاذِفُ ذ : see مَطَاوِحُ: Places of perdition; syn. مَهَالِكُ. (TA.)

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