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Q. 1 قَرْطَسَ ذ , (Msb, K,) inf. n. قَرْطَسَةٌ, (Msb,) He (an archer) [and it (an arrow)] hit the قِرْطَاس [or target]. (Msb, K.) It is also allowable to say, قَرْطَسَتِ الرَّمْيَةُ The shot went right to the قِرْطَاس. (Msb.) Q. 2 تَقَرْطَسَ ذ He perished. (Sgh, K.) قَرْطَسٌ ذ and قِرْطَسٌ: see قِرْطَاسٌ. قِرْطَاسٌ ذ Paper; syn. كَاغَدٌ: (K:) or such as is made of the بَرْدِىّ [or papyrus], found in Egypt: (TA:) [and particularly a roll, or scroll, thereof: see also طُومَارٌ, and سُرْفَةٌ:] what one writes upon: (S, Msb:) also written قُرْطَاسٌ; (S, Msb, K;) but the former is the better known, (Msb), or the former only is of established authority, for El-Járabardee says the contrary of the latter; (MF;) and قَرْطَاسٌ; (Lh, ISd, K;) but this is not mentioned by most of the lexicographers; (MF;) and ↓ قَرْطَسٌ signifies the same; (AZ, S, Msb, K;) and so does ↓ قِرْطَسٌ . (K [app. on the authority of El-Fárábee and Aboo-'Alyà; but the names are imperfectly written in the TA.]) ― -b2- قِرْطَاسٌ also signifies A writing, or book, (صَحِيفَةٌ,) of whatever thing it be: (K:) pl. قَرَاطِيسُ. (TA.) ― -b3- Also, A butt, or target, to shoot at; (S;) a piece of skin, (Msb,) or any skin, (K,) set up for persons contending in shooting. (Msb, K.) ― -b4- And A kind of بُرْد [q. v.] of the fabric of Egypt. (K, TA.) ― -b5- And A white, or fair, girl, of tall stature. (IAar, K.) ― -b6- And A camel such as is termed آدَم. (Sgh, K.) ― -b7- And A young she-camel. (IAar, K.) دَابَّةٌ قِرْطَاسِيَّةٌ ذ A beast of carriage in whose whiteness is no mixture of any other colour. (K.) مُقَرْطِسٌ ذ An archer [and in like manner an arrow] hitting the قِرْطَاس. (Msb.) And رَمْيَةٌ مُقَرْطِسَةٌ A shot going right to the قِرْطَاس. (TA.)

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