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سَرْمَدٌ ذ [signifies, or implies,] Continuance, or incessant continuance, (دَوَام, Kh, M, L, and اِتِّصَال, Kh, L,) of time, (Kh, M, L,) either of night or of day. (Kh, L.) [I have said “ or implies ” because I have not found it used otherwise than as an epithet, in the following senses.] ― -b2- Continuing; or continuing incessantly, or endlessly; syn. دَائِمٌ; (Zj, S, L, K;) or دَائِمٌ لَا يَنْقَطِعُ. (Nh, L.) It is applied in this sense to night (Nh, L) [and also to day: to each in the Kur xxviii. 71 and 72]: and to night as meaning Long. (L, K.) ― -b3- Accord. to El-Fakhr Er-Rázee, it is derived from السَّرْدُ, which denotes consecutiveness and uninterruptedness, and the م is added to give intensiveness to the signification: if so, its proper place is in art. سرد; its measure being فَعْمَلٌ: (MF:) [thus] its م is augmentative like the م in دُلَامِصٌ. (Bd in xxviii. 71.) ― -b4- One says also, هُوَ لَكَ سَرْمَدًا He, or it, is thine ever, or for ever. (Mgh in art. سمد.) سَرْمَدِىٌّ ذ Having neither beginning nor end. (KT.)

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