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1 وَقَاهُ ا@للّٰهُ السُّوْءَ ذ God preserved him from evil. (Msb.) See a verse cited voce نَقَشَ. ― -b2- وَقَاكَ اللّٰهُ كُلَّ مَحْذُور God preserve thee from all fear: see مَحْذُورٌ. ― -b3- قِ, or قِهْ, and تَوَقَّ, are imperatives [meaning Be thou cautious]. (JK.) ― -b4- قِ عَلَى ظَلْعِكَ: see ظَلَعَ. ― -b5- وَقَاهُ and ↓ اِتَّقَاهُ both signify He was cautious of it; syn. حَذِرَهُ. (K.) 5 تَوَقَّاهُ ذ (and, accord. to a usage in the K, art. حرز, also تَوَقَّى مِنْهُ) He guarded against it; was cautious of it; syn. اِحْتَرَزَ منه and تَحَرَّزَ منه. (S, K, * art. حرز.) ― -b2- تَبَقَّهْ وَتَوَقَّهْ: see 4 in art. بقى. 8 اِتَّقى ذ He preserved, or guarded, himself exceedingly, or extraordinarily: (Ksh, Bd in ii. 1:) he put a thing between him and another to preserve him, or guard him. (Ham, p. 359.) ― -b2- In the conventional language of the law, He preserved, or guarded, himself exceedingly, or extraordinarily, (Ksh, Bd, ubi supra,) from sin, of commission or of omission, (Ksh,) [or] from what would harm him in the world to come. (Bd, who describes three degrees.) It may often be rendered He was pious; or careful of his religious duties. ― -b3- اِتَّقَى عَلَيْهِمْ وَحَذِرَ [He guarded himself against them in an extraordinary degree, and was cautious, or wary]. (JK, TA, in art. خشى.) See 1. ― -b4- يَتْقِى, for يَتَّقِى: see art. تقى: and see a verse of Khufáf Ibn-Nudbeh, (quoted in the S, in art. وقى,) cited voce أَثْرٌ. ― -b5- يَتَّقْ for يَتَّقِ: see a verse cited voce مُتَأَوِّبٌ. وَقِىٌّ ذ Cautious, guarding himself from sin, &c.: see تَقِىٌّ. وَقِيَّةٌ ذ Property by means of which one preserves himself: pl. وَقِيَّاتٌ. (TA.) See a verse cited voce مَحْبَلٌ. وِقَايَةٌ ذ Excess of preserving or guarding. (Ksh, Bd in ii. 1.) ― -b2- A preservative. وَاقٍ ذ A saddle that does not gall the back. (S, K.) وَاقِيَةٌ ذ used as an inf. n., like بَاقِيَّةٌ: see Har, p. 136. ― -b2- وَاقِيَةٌ as meaning one preserver: see an ex. voce بَاقِيَةٌ. أُوقِيَّةٌ ذ An ounce: see رِطْلٌ, in two places.

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