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1 خَرَصَ النَّخْلَ خرص النخل , (S, A, Mgh, Msb,) aor. خَرُصَ (A, Msb) [and خَرِصَ , as appears from what follows,] inf. n. خَرْصٌ, (S, A Mgh, Msb,) [and خِرْصٌ is also allowable, (see what follows,)] He computed by conjecture the quantity of the fruit upon the palm-trees: (A, Mgh, Msb:) or he computed by conjecture the quantity that was upon the palmtrees of fresh ripe dates that would be dried dates. (S.) خَرْصٌ signifies The computing quantity by conjecture; (A, K, TA;) conjecturing; opining: or forming an opinion of a thing of which one is not certain: you say, خَرَصَ العَدَدَ, aor. خَرُصَ and خَرِصَ , inf. n. خَرْصٌ and خِرْصٌ, the latter said by ISh to be like عِلْمٌ as inf. n. of عَلِمَ, and said by Az to be allowable because a simple subst. is put in the place of an inf. n., He computed by conjecture the number: and hence خَرْصُ النَّخْلِ, and التَّمْرِ, [the computing by conjecture the quantity of fruit upon palm-trees, and of dates,] because خَرْصٌ is the computing quantity by opinion, not by knowledge. (TA.) ― -b2- خَرْصٌ also signifies Any speaking by opinion, or conjecture. (K, * TA.) You say, خَرَصَ فِيهِ He spoke of him, or it, by opinion, or conjecture. (TK.) ― -b3- And hence, (TA,) خَرَصَ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. خَرُصَ , (S,) inf. n. خَرْصٌ, (S, Msb, K,) (tropical:) He lied; spoke falsely; said what was untrue; (S, Msb, K; *) as also ↓ تخرّص . (S.) You say also, عَلَيْهِ ↓ (tropical:) تخرّص (tropical:) He forged a lie against him. (A, K, TA.) And ↓ قَالَ ذٰلِكَ تَخَرُّصًا (tropical:) [He said that forging a lie]. (A.) And ↓ اخترص القَوْلَ, (A, K, *) and ↓ تخرِّصهُ , (A,) (tropical:) He forged the saying. (A, K. *) -A2- خَرِصَ, (S, K,) aor. خَرَصَ , (K,) inf. n. خَرَصٌ, (S, A,) He (a man) was hungry and cold: (S, A: *) or hungry in cold. (K.) Being hungry without being cold is not termed خَرَصٌ: but being cold without being hungry is termed خَصَرٌ. (S.) 5 تَخَرَّصَ see 1, in four places, near the end. 8 إِِخْتَرَصَ see 1, near the end. خُرْصٌ خرص (S, A, Msb, K) and ↓ خِرْصٌ (S, K) A ring: (Msb:) or a ring of gold, and of silver: (S, K:) or an ear-ring with one bead, (A, TA,) of the kind called قُرْط: (TA:) or the ring of a قُرْط: (K:) or a small ring; one of the ornaments of women; (Sh, K;) in the form of the قُرْط or some other thing: (Sh:) pl. خِرْصَانٌ. (S, K.) [Hence,] مَا تَمْلِكُ فُلَانَةُ خُرْصًا, meaning (tropical:) Such a woman has not in her possession anything. (A.) خِرْصٌ خرص a subst. from خَرَصَ as explained above; (S, A, Msb, K) Conjectural computation of quantity: (ISh:) or quantity computed by conjecture of the fruit upon palm-trees. (A, Mgh.) You say, كَمْ خِرْصُ نَخْلِكَ [What is the conjectural computation of the quantity, or the quantity computed by conjecture, of the produce of thy palm-trees?]. (TA.) And كَمْ خِرْصُ أَرْضِكَ [What is the conjectural computation, or the quantity computed by conjecture, of the produce of the palm-trees of thy land?]. (S, A, K.) -A2- See also خُرْصٌ. -A3- And see خَرْسٌ. خَرِصٌ خرص A man hungry and cold: (S, TA:) or hungry in cold: (K:) and ↓ خَارِصٌ signifies the same. (TA.) [See also خَصِرٌ.] خُرْصَةٌ خرص خرصه خرصة Food for a woman who has given birth to a child: (K:) app. a dial. var. of خُرْسَةٌ. (TA.) خَرَّاصٌ خراص : see the next paragraph. خَارِصٌ خارص One who computes by conjecture the quantity of the fruit upon palm-trees: pl. خُرَّاصٌ. (A, * TA.) ― -b2- (tropical:) A liar; (Msb, TA;) as also ↓ خَرَّاصٌ . (S, A, Msb, TA.) قُتِلَ الخَرَّاصُونَ, in the Kur [li. 10], (TA,) means, (tropical:) Slain be the liars; (Fr, Zj, A, Bd, TA;) i. e., cursed be they; (Bd;) who say that Mohammad is a poet, and the like thereof, conjecturing that which they know not: (Fr, TA:) or it may mean, they who only opine, and do not ascertain; and therefore act according to that which they know not. (Zj, TA.) -A2- See also خَرِصٌ.

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