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خَرْدَلٌ خردل [Mustard-seed;] the grain of a certain tree, (K,) well known; (S, K;) a species of حُرْف [q. v.]; (JK;) heating; emollient; drawing; a phlegmagogue; lenitive; digestive; used as a liniment, good for the نِقْرِس [or gout], and [especially] the نَسَا [or sciatica], and the [malignant species of leprosy termed] بَرَص (K,) and the [mild species thereof termed] بَهَق; clearing to the face; good for the alopecia, especially the wild sort thereof; (TA;) its smoke drives away serpents, or, as in the Kánoon, venomous or noxious reptiles or the like; (TA;) its juice, dropped, allays earache, (K,) and in like manner its oil; (TA;) and its powder, upon the aching tooth, is extremely efficacious, (K,) especially when حِلْتِيت [or assa] has been cooked with it: (TA: [in which many other properties assigned to it are mentioned:]) n. un. with ة. (S.) ― -b2- الخَرْدَلُ الفَارِسِىُّ is A certain plant in Egypt known by the name of حَشِيشَةُ السُّلْطَانِ. (K.)

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