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يَوْمٌ ذ A time, whether night or day; (Msb;) time absolutely, whether night or not, little or not: this is the proper signification: (Kull, p. 390:) and day, meaning the period from the rising of the sun to its setting; (Lth, TA:) the time when the sun is above the earth: this is the common conventional acceptation: (Kull, ubi suprà:) and the period from the second [or true] dawn to sunset: (Msb, Kull:) this is the legal acceptation: (Kull:) and a civil day: the period of the revolution of the greatest firmament. (Kull) ― -b2- Also, An accident, or event; syn. كَوْنٌ and كَائِنَةٌ. Ex., نِعْمَ ا@لْأَخُ فُلَانٌ فِى اليَوْمِ إِِذَا نَزَلَ بِنَا Excellent is the brother, such a one, in the case of the accident, when it befalls us. (T.) ― -b3- See نَهَارٌ. ― -b4- يَأْتِينَا يَوْمَ يَوْمَ He comes to us day after day, i. e., every day: (Sharh esh-Shudhoor:) and يَوْمَ يَوْمٍ. (In a verse cited by IJ. in Mz, sect. on the حَقِيقَة and مَجَاز.) ― -b5- يَوْمٌ A dayjourney, or day's journey. ― -b6- A day, as in our phrase “ he won the day; ” meaning contest, fight, or battle: I render it a day [of conflict]. ― -b7- أَيَّامُ العَرَبِ The [days, (agreeably with an English, as well as Arabian, usage,) meaning] conflicts (وَقَائِع) of the Arabs. (ISk, T.) ― -b8- اِبْنُ يَوْمِهِ He who thinks [only of the present day,] not of the morrow. (Er-Rághib. in TA, art. بنى.) ― -b9- يَوْمُ الشَّكِّ: see شَكٌّ. ― -b10- بَيْن الأَيَّامِ and فِيمَا بَيْنَ الأَيَّامِ: see نَدْرَةٌ, in two places. يَوْمِيَّةٌ ذ A day's wages. مُيَاوَمَةٌ ذ from اليَوْمُ is like مُلَايَلَةٌ from اللَّيْلُ, and مُشَاهَرَةٌ from الشَّهْرُ, &c. (TA, in art. ربع.) See مُسَاوَعَة.

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