Further Resources: Omphale

  • Read the story of how Hercules was sold to Omphale, as told by Apollodorus.
  • Find out more about slavery in ancient Greece.
  • Browse the catalog entries and see more pictures of the Berlin vase with the athlete and his slave boy, or of the Dewing electrum coin minted at Sardis.
  • Look at the Sophocles quote on slavery or the Plutarch quote on peace in Lydia in context.
  • See site catalog entries, including descriptions and pictures, of sites in Ionia.
  • Browse a list of references to the kingdom of Lydia or to its capital, Sardis, in the Perseus encyclopedia.
  • Read about the wealth of Croesus, and his offerings at Delphi.
  • Find out more about practices the Greeks adopted from Near Eastern kingdoms like Lydia, including the use of coins.

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