Orchestra from SW, Amphiaraion, Theater

Scene from NW, Amphiaraion, Theater

Marble throne, Amphiaraion, Theater

Marble throne, detail of side, Amphiaraion, Theater

Walls of scene building from W, Amphiaraion, Theater

Detail of marble throne, Amphiaraion, Theater

Context: Amphiaraion
Type: Theater
Summary: Hellenistic theater; on the northwestern side of the Sanctuary of Amphiaraios, behind the west half of the stoa.
Date: ca. 200 BC
Region: Attica
Period: Hellenistic


Earth cavea with 5 marble thrones, circular orchestra, and a two-storied scene building with stone proscenium having 8 Doric columns in antis.


The proscenium architrave was inscribed with a dedication to Amphiaraios from a priest. The cavea may have had wooden seats. In the Roman period gateways with Ionic columns were added to the parodoi. The present proscenium has been reconstructed.

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