Plan, Assos, North Stoa (lower story)

Southeast corner of building (gap along E wall to reduce dampness and hole...

Context: Assos
Type: Stoa
Summary: Two-storied Doric stoa; on the north side of the agora.
Date: ca. 300 BC - ca. 100 BC

111.53 m x 12.42 m; height of facade: 11.3 m; diameter lower, outer columns: 0.78 m, intercolumniation lower, outer columns: 2.63 m; diameter lower, inner columns: 0.68 m, intercolumniation lower, inner columns: 5.26 m; diameter upper, outer columns: 0.40 m.

Region: Troad
Period: Hellenistic


Exterior and interior colonnade of unfluted Doric columns in both stories. Exterior colonnade of upper story composed of double half-columns.

Other Bibliography:

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