Southwest corner, from SW, Assos, South Stoa

Terrace retaining wall separated by gap from N wall of stoa, from NE, Asso...

Plan, Assos, South Stoa

Overall view, from SW, Assos, South Stoa

Context: Assos
Type: Stoa
Summary: Two-aisled stoa; on the south side of the agora.
Date: ca. 300 BC - ca. 100 BC

Dimensions: 69.09 m x 10.59 m; total height: 24.88 m; shops: ca. 4.7 m to a side; 4th story outer colonnade intercolumniation: 2.35 m.

Region: Troad
Period: Hellenistic


(The plan accompanying this card is of the agora level.) First story (lowest), cisterns; 2nd, 13 shops opening south onto a gallery; 3rd, two-aisled gallery; 4th, (agora level) two-aisled with a Doric outer colonnade, opened north; fifth story, two-aisled with Doric outer colonnade of double half-columns and inner colonnade with palm-capitals.


Coulton lists the 5 levels described above in Plan description. Akurgal and PECS cite this stoa as three-storied.

Other Bibliography:

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