Lower SW corner of cavea with stone parapet and water channel around orche...

Cavea and SW aisle, from NE, Assos, Theater

Vault (ca. 4 m deep) under cavea at SE end of theater, from S, Assos, Thea...

Vault (ca. 4 m deep) under cavea at SW end and paved SW parados, from S, A...

Overall view from N and above, Assos, Theater

Upper NE section of the cavea, from SW, Assos, Theater

Context: Assos
Type: Theater
Summary: Theater; on the slope to the south of the agora.
Date: ca. 250 BC
Region: Troad
Period: Hellenistic


Horseshoe shaped orchestra, cavea with 6 cunei (sectors) facing the stage building.


In Hellenistic times a wooden fence in front of the 1st row of seats kept the audience off the orchestra. Probably in Roman times a low podium (top of the 2nd row of seats) and a parapet at orchestra level made the orchestra more of an arena.

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