Plan, ca. last quarter of 5th c BC, Athens, Law Courts

Plan, Athens, Law Courts

Context: Athens
Type: Hall
Summary: Halls, complex of 3 buildings; all in the Agora, beneath the Square Peristyle, beneath the Stoa of Attalos.
Date: ca. 420 BC - 380 BC
Region: Attica
Period: Classical


Group of 3 buildings around an open triangular space. Law court A, roofed colonnade; Law court B, rectangular hall; and Law court C, a rectangular hall. The northernmost building, Law court B, was a large rectangular hall with a door and 2 columned portico on the south side. Sharing Law court B's eastern wall was Law court A, an open colonnade of 11 columns opening south, with a door and 2 columned portico opening off its north eastern corner. Across from these buildings and to the south was Law court C, a rectangular Hall, probably opening north, with a line of basins at ground level on its north side.


The excavated finds in this area of the Agora indicate the buildings' use as law courts. A ballot box containing dicasts' ballots was found near the eastern end of Law court B. Also in the area were found bronze jurors' identification tags, water clocks, juror payment tokens and other such court furnishings.

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