Tholos in foreground, Stoa of Attalos and Acropolis in background, from NW...

West side of New Bouleuterion at left with Propylon and Tholos to right, f...

North section of Tholos, from W, Athens

View from Tholos (lower left), across the E side of the Metroon, toward N ...

Detail of altar in Tholos, from SE, Athens

South section of Tholos, from W-NW, Athens

Context: Athens
Type: Tholos
Summary: Circular building; on the west side of the Agora, south of the Bouleuterion.
Date: ca. 465 BC

External diameter: 18.32 m; wall: 0.71 m thick.

Region: Attica
Period: Early Classical


Circular building. Six interior columns for additional support of the roof. On the north side was a small annex that served as a kitchen.


Often called the Skias (a type of sun hat) because of its conical roof. The Tholos served as a state dining room for the Prytaneis of the Boule (Council), and is located on the ruins of the earlier Prytanikon.

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