Mosaic floor with two panels (a female triton preserved), Delos, House of ...

Geometric mosaic and wellhead in the impluvium, Delos, House of the Trident

Reconstructed peristyle impluvium, Delos, House of the Trident

Street and marble window of the House of the Trident, Delos

Mosaic of a palm branch and panathenaic vase with chariot, Delos, House of...

Plan, Delos, House of the Trident

Context: Delos
Type: House
Summary: House with peristyle court; in the theater quarter on the road of the theater.
Date: ca. 150 BC - 100 BC
Region: Cyclades
Period: Hellenistic


Irregularly shaped with main door on the west leading to a large central courtyard with a Rhodian peristyle of Doric columns. Impluvium within courtyard with cistern for rainwater beneath.

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