Section, interior view, ca. 210 BC, Delos, Hypostyle Hall (Stoa of Poseido...

Marble column bases in NW corner of hall, Delos, Hypostyle Hall (Stoa of P...

Marble arch stones with shield and helmets of the Dioskouroi, Delos, Hypos...

Plan, Delos, Hypostyle Hall (Stoa of Poseidon)

Context: Delos
Type: Hall
Summary: Large hall with many interior columns; located off the northwest corner of the Sanctuary of Apollo.
Date: ca. 210 BC - 200 BC

56.44 m x 34.28 m.

Region: Cyclades
Period: Hellenistic


Almost entirely open on the south side. Facade of 15 Doric (but fluted as if Ionic) columns between pilasters. Interior colonnade of 44 columns, arranged in 2 rectangles, one within the other, with a line of columns in the center (the middle column of the line omitted). Outside rectangular colonnade was formed by Doric columns taller than the 15 columns of the facade. Inner rectangular colonnade of Ionic columns taller than both the outer rectangular colonnade and columns of the facade. Hipped roof with an opaion supported by Ionic piers.

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