Plan, Delos, Koinon of the Poseidoniasts

Vestibule and courtyard with wellheads and bases, Delos, Koinon of the Pos...

Goddess Roma's chamber with statue viewed from courtyard, Delos, Koin...

Section of courtyard portico from E, Delos, Koinon of the Poseidoniasts

View of remains from across the Sacred Lake, Delos, Koinon of the Poseidon...

Doorway and pebble mosaic pavement, Delos, Koinon of the Poseidoniasts

Context: Delos
Type: Hall
Summary: Complex of courts and rooms; west and slightly north of the Sacred Lake.
Date: ca. 125 BC - 100 BC

Column height: ca. 5.3 m.

Region: Cyclades
Period: Hellenistic


A door on the southern side let into a short hall leading to a court with a colonnade on its western side, opening into 4 chapels. West of the entry were small rectangular rooms. East of the 1st court was a rectangular peristyle court with a Doric colonnade and a cistern. On the northwest corner of the structure and entered from the peristyle court was another court with a mosaic pavement, probably a meeting or reunion hall. In the southeast corner were reception halls with halls and shops below in a basement.


Mixed Greek and Syrian design. Built by Syrian merchants and ship owners from Beirut during the time when Delos was briefly the commercial center of Greece, and used as a guild hall or club house. Baal, whom they principally worshipped, was identified with Poseidon, hence the name, Poseidoniasts.

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