Plan, Delos, Stoa of Antigonos

Reconstructed section of the entablature, Delos, Stoa of Antigonos

Context: Delos
Type: Stoa
Summary: Two-aisled stoa; the north boundary of the Sanctuary of Apollo.
Date: ca. 246 BC - ca. 239 BC

119.62 m x 13.4 m (main portico); wings: 13.4 m wide and project 6.0 m south at either end; Doric outer column diameter: 0.71 m, intercolumniation: 2.92 m (center), 2.53 m (wings), 3.0 m (on returns); Ionic inner column intercolumniation: 5.84 m.

Region: Cyclades
Period: Hellenistic


Two-aisled stoa opening south with Doric outer and Ionic inner colonnades and projecting wings at either end. Along the south side, 47 Doric columns, fluted only on the upper portion. Ionic inner colonnade of 19 columns.


Identified by inscription on the entablature as built by the Macedonian ruler Antigonos Gonatas. The stoa probably was for votive, not commercial use, since the area in front was lined with statues and other dedications.

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