Wall of stoa bordering the Sacred Way, view from S, Delos, Stoa of Philip

Plan, Delos, Stoa of Philip

Context: Delos
Type: Stoa
Summary: Two-part stoa; south of the Sanctuary of Apollo, between the South Stoa and the harbor.
Date: ca. 216 BC - ca. 200 BC

Eastern stoa: 71.08 m x 10.71 m; wall return: ca. 7.45 m; Doric column diameter: 0.91 m; intercolumniation: 3.35 m.

Region: Cyclades
Period: Hellenistic


Two one-aisled stoas sharing a back wall, one simple stoa opening east, one L- shaped stoa opening west. Eastern stoa, opening east, 16 Doric columns with returning end walls that had 4 windows each. Western stoa, opening west, Doric colonnade with Ionic double half columns dividing main stoa from northeast room.


Eastern stoa, dated to 216-200 B.C. by dedication inscription of Philip V. The western stoa was probably added shortly later, this dating based on inscriptions on contemporary exedrae.

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