Overall view of remains from E, Epidauros, Katagogeion

Detail of wall blocks in exterior wall of Katagogeion,from SE, Epidauros

Plan, Epidauros, Katagogeion

Eastern corner of Katagogeion wall, from NE, Epidauros

View along NW Katagogeion wall, from W, Epidauros

Aerial view of site, from N, Epidauros, Abaton (Dormitory), Anakeion, Foun...

Context: Epidauros
Type: Guest House
Summary: Large square building with courts; northwest of the Theater, about midway between the Theater and the central Sanctuary of Asklepios.
Date: ca. 320 BC - 300 BC

76.3 m x 76.3 m.

Region: Argolid
Period: Hellenistic


Four square peristyle courts with 10 Doric columns to a side. The two-storied Doric peristyles formed portico entrances to the surrounding 160 rooms. Around each courtyard ran a channel for water.

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