Aerial view of site, from N, Epidauros, Abaton (Dormitory), Anakeion, Foun...

Context: Epidauros
Type: Stoa
Summary: Group of narrow buildings forming the northeast corner of the Sanctuary of Asklepios.
Date: ca. 325 BC

Entire complex: ca. 63 m x 31.5 m.

Region: Argolid
Period: Hellenistic


A narrow court surrounded by colonnades and rooms on all but the eastern side.


Coulton tentatively identifies this as the Stoa of Kotys. His reconstruction includes a two-aisled portico, Doric outer colonnade and Ionic inner colonnade, on the south and west sides. Colonnade on the north side may have been of wood. The area immediately south of this complex is lined with dedications.

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