Neck: decoration

Main panel: Herakles

Main panel: Herakles and Kerberos

Main panel: heads of Kerberos

Rear handle zone: hare

Rear handle zone: eagle on left

Collection: Paris, Musée du Louvre
Summary: Main panel: Herakles, Kerberos, and EurystheusRear handle zone: two eagles hunting a hare.
Ware: Caeretan
Context: From Caere
Date: ca. 530 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.43 m
Shape: Hydria
Region: Etruria
Period: Archaic

Decoration Description:

In the main panel, Herakles holds the three-headed Kerberos by a leash. The terrified Eurystheus has taken refuge in a large storage vessel. He rises out of it in further alarm, confronting Kerberos and a myriad of snakes that coil from the dog's heads and feet. Eurystheos is wearing a black short-sleeved garment with a red wrap over his right shoulder. His skin and Herakles's are rendered in white. The main body and first head of Kerberos are black; its second and third heads are red and white. Herakles is wearing a black short-sleeved chiton with his red lionskin on over it. In his right hand he holds his club high, while in his left he grips the red leash. The snakes are black with white dots.

In the rear handle zone two opposing eagles begin a flying dive after a hare, who runs desperately to the left.

The shoulder and handle zones are decorated with alternating red and white tongues. Under the handles are spreading branches with leaves. The neck has two meanders and a stylized spiral-cross design with dots resembling buds emerging from each end and side. Below the main panel is a chain of lotus and palmettes, below that, a band of red, white, and black rays, and on the base red and white tongues with black borders.

Sources Used: Simon & Hirmer 1976, pp. 64-65, no. XX, 41 (with previous bibliography)