Side B: Ariadne, upper half

Side B: oblique from right

Handle: right of side A

Side A: head of Athena

Base: view from below

Side B: pitcher held by satyr

Collection: University Museums, University of Mississippi
Summary: Side A: Herakles and the Nemean Lion, flanked by Athena and HermesSide B: Dionysos and Ariadne reclining on couch; satyr
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Painter: Near the Priam Painter
Date: ca. 510 BC - ca. 500 BC

H. 0.29 m.

Shape: Neck amphora
Period: Archaic

Decoration Description:

Just above the foot of the vase is a fillet painted purple-red, above which are pointed rays. Above these are two lines, over which is a chain of lotus buds. The main scene is bordered by three black lines below and one above. On the shoulder is a tongue pattern, and at the base of the neck is a fillet painted purple-red. Between the handles on the neck are two facing palmettes on either side, with an open, small lotus bud at the middle between the spirals and a large lotus bud facing downward at the bottom. In the central diamond is a large black dot.

Side A: Herakles is shown wrestling the Nemean Lion. On the left is Athena, wearing a chiton decorated with purple blotches and white three-dotted rosettes, her aegis, an Attic high-crested helmet, and a purple fillet. She moves to the center of the composition, carrying a spear and her shield, which has a white tripod as an emblem. Herakles is in the center of the scene, wearing a purple fillet. He faces right, and has thrown his quiver with six arrows in it and his club on the ground. He wrestles the lion which has its right hind paw on his left knee. Herakles holds the lion's left forepaw, using a strangle hold with his right arm around the lion's neck. The lion is roaring (his teeth are white). On the right is Hermes, turning to look at them as he walks to the right. He wears winged shoes, a petasos and chlamys decorated with a series of three white dots and purple stripes. His hair and beard are also purple-red. He holds a kerykeion, the top of which is hidden by the palmette pattern.

Side B: Dionysos and Ariadne are depicted. On the left is a satyr with purple-red hair and beard, advancing with left leg raised and holding an oinochoe in his right hand. On a couch in front of him are a woman (Ariadne?) and Dionysos. Her skin is painted white, and she wears a long robe with purple stripes. She holds a wreath in her left hand, and sits on a purple cushion with her feet resting on a stool. Dionysos faces her, wearing a purple ivy wreath. He rests his left arm on a pillow and holds a rhyton in his right hand. The couch has a headpiece with incisions near the bottom, decorated with white palmettes. In front of the couch is a three-legged table from which hang down three strips of meat or bread. There are ivy branches in the background.


Graffito on bottom *N*I

Collection History:

Christie's, April 8, 1954 no. 1; from the collection of Samuel Rogers (Cat. Christie, April 28, 1856 ff., no. 499). Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Peddle, Jr., 1961.

Sources Used:

Mississippi museum archives. D.M. Robinson "Unpublished Greek Vases in the Robinson Collection" AJA 60 (1956) 9-10, pl. 6, figs. 27-30