Plan, Olympia, Leonidaion

Overall view, from NW corner toward E, Olympia, Leonidaion

Aerial view of sanctuary, close, from SE, Olympia, Gymnasium, Leonidaion, ...

Southeast corner from SE, Olympia, Leonidaion

South colonnade viewed from SE, Olympia, Leonidaion

Plan, Roman phase, 2nd cent. AD, Olympia, Leonidaion

Context: Olympia
Type: Guest House
Summary: Approximately square building; west of the Sanctuary of Zeus (Altis), south of the Workshop of Fides.
Date: ca. 330 BC

74.82 m x 81.08 m.

Region: Elis
Period: Hellenistic


Exterior colonnade of Ionic columns, 34 x 37. Square Doric peristyle inner court of 12 columns on a side, entered from the north and south and surrounded by many rooms on all sides.


Named for its builder Leonidas of Naxos, the 4th century B.C. building was a hotel for honored visitors to the sanctuary. The interior wing divisions were very regular, with the west side divided into 6 and the other sides into 12. In the Roman period it was remodeled with a central garden, pool, and less regular divisions.

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