Collection: Piraeus Archaeological Museum
Title: Piraeus Small Artemis
Context: Possibly from Delos
Findspot: Excavated at Piraeus (found in 1959 in a cache together with the Piraeus Apollo, the Piraeus Athena, and a larger statue of Artemis [Piraeus 4647]).
Summary: Standing female figure in peplos with diagonal quiver strap
Object Function: Unknown
Material: Bronze
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue
Category: Perhaps from statuary group
Style: Late Classical
Technique: Hollow cast
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 200 BC
Dimensions: H. 1.55 m
Scale: Under life-size
Region: Attica
Period: Hellenistic

Date Description: It has also been suggested that this statue is a Hellenistic copy of a 4th century type. Its burial in a 1st century BC context, perhaps in association with the Sullan sack of 86 BC, provides a terminus ante quem.

Condition: Complete

Technique Description: Indirect, lost-wax method

Sources Used: Boardman 1995, 71, fig. 48