13 Buildings whose Building Type is Hall

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Plan, Athens, Arsenal

Overall view of the Chalkotheke, from SW, Athens

Aerial view of Acropolis, from SW, Athens, Chalkotheke, Erechtheion,Temple...

Plan, Athens, East Building

Plan, ca. last quarter of 5th c BC, Athens, Law Courts

Plan, Athens, Law Courts

Plan, Delos, Ekklesiasterion

Section, interior view, ca. 210 BC, Delos, Hypostyle Hall (Stoa of Poseido...

Marble column bases in NW corner of hall, Delos, Hypostyle Hall (Stoa of P...

Plan, Delos, Koinon of the Poseidoniasts

Vestibule and courtyard with wellheads and bases, Delos, Koinon of the Pos...

Plan, Delos, Monument of Mithradates

Plan, Delos, Oikos next to the Stoa of Antigonos

Overall view of building, Delos, Oikos of the Naxians

Plan, Delos, Oikos of the Naxians
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