10 Buildings whose Building Type is Theater

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Orchestra from SW, Amphiaraion, Theater

Scene from NW, Amphiaraion, Theater

Lower SW corner of cavea with stone parapet and water channel around orche...

Cavea and SW aisle, from NE, Assos, Theater

Plan of Theater of Dionysos and Earlier Temple of Dionysos, c. second half...

Plan, Athens, Theater of Dionysos

Plan, Delos, Theater

Arched support walls in the theater cistern, Delos, Theater

Cavea and orchestra, Epidauros, Theater

Cavea from N, Epidauros, Theater

View of theater and orchestra, Eretria

Scene building from W, Eretria, Theater

Overall view of stage building and rooms behind, from NW top of Theater, M...

Pier supports for stage floor, from NW, Miletus, Theater

Plan, Piraeus, Theater of Zea

Plan of theater in the 2nd cent B.C. phase, Piraeus, Theater of Zea

East parados, from W, Priene, Theater

Proscenium and cavea, from E-SE, Priene, Theater

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Scaenae frons (stage building) of the Roman theater at Arles (view from th...

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View of the cavea and orchestra of the Roman theater at Arles. Theater, Ar...