12 Buildings whose Period is Early Classical

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Overall view of the Chalkotheke, from SW, Athens

Aerial view of Acropolis, from SW, Athens, Chalkotheke, Erechtheion,Temple...

Plan, Athens, North Houses

Recent excavations in NW sector of Agora, crossroads near the Painted Stoa...

Plan, Athens, Stoa Poikile (Painted)

Tholos in foreground, Stoa of Attalos and Acropolis in background, from NW...

West side of New Bouleuterion at left with Propylon and Tholos to right, f...

Distant overall view, Delphi, Doric Treasury

Plan, Delphi, Doric Treasury

Columns and rear wall from SE, Delphi, Stoa of the Athenians

Detail of Ionic capital from Stoa of the Athenians, Delphi

Fragments of Ionic bases, Temple D, Metapontum

Ionic capital, Temple D, Metapontum

Plan, Olympia, Prytaneion

Lion-head spouts of the sima (in Museum), Olympia, Temple of Zeus

Section, c. 470-457 B.C. (stone is black, wood is gray), Olympia, Temple o...

Remains of the Treasury of the Byzantines, Olympia

Plan, Olympia, Treasury of the Byzantines
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